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Solid Wood Door & Wooden Door

Wooden doors are a very popular type of door and come in many different styles to suit different home decors and personal tastes. Here are some common wood door styles:
  • Modern wooden doors: Modern wooden doors usually adopt simple lines and geometric shapes, and are characterized by simplicity, cleanliness, brightness and a sense of space. Common modern wooden door designs include hanging type, casement type and push-pull type.
  • Classical wooden doors: Classical wooden doors usually use traditional decorative elements, such as carvings, arches, patterns, etc., to create a strong cultural and historical atmosphere. Common classical wooden door designs include bowed doors, arched doors, and patterned doors.
  • European-style wooden doors: European-style wooden doors usually use gorgeous decorative elements, such as classical carvings, ornate patterns and arched designs, to create an elegant, luxurious and luxurious atmosphere. Common European-style wooden door designs include carved doors, arched doors, and painted doors.
  • Countryside wooden doors: Countryside wooden doors usually use natural materials and simple design elements to create a comfortable, warm and natural atmosphere. Common pastoral wooden door designs include plain wooden doors, vintage wooden doors, and Mediterranean wooden doors.
  • Simple wooden doors: Simple wooden doors usually use simple design elements, such as straight lines, squares and simple materials, to create a simple, modern and practical atmosphere. Common minimalist wood door designs include slab doors, side-by-side doors, and hanging doors, among others.
  • In short, choosing a wooden door style that suits your home decoration style and personal taste can make your home space more comfortable, beautiful and personalized.
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