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Balcony Design

  • Contemporary balcony design: characterized by sleek and clean lines, simple furnishings, and neutral colors, creating a modern and minimalist look.
  • Rustic balcony design: featuring natural materials, such as wood and stone, and earthy colors, creating a warm and cozy atmosphere.
  • Mediterranean balcony design: typically featuring ornate details, such as wrought-iron railings, colorful tiles, and lush greenery, creating a romantic and exotic atmosphere.
  • Urban balcony design: making use of limited space with compact and functional furnishings, often featuring city views and modern decor.
  • Tropical balcony design: typically featuring bright colors, tropical plants, and natural materials, creating a relaxed and inviting atmosphere.
  • Coastal balcony design: featuring light and airy colors, nautical decor, and ocean views, creating a serene and peaceful atmosphere.
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