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A variety of available home decoration product model / pattern in Malaysia:

Product By Model Code: Aluminium Bi-Fold Door, Aluminium Frame Door, Artificial gras, Bathroom, Plumbing Accessories & fitting, furniture, Color Chart, Curtain, Blinds, Cement Column , Flooring Vinyl, Tile , Kitchen Appliance, Plaster Ceiling Pattern, Paint Color & Etc...

ONVIA™PIR Motion Detector

ONVIA™ Wireless Outdoor Siren Plus

ONVIA™ Window Sensor

ONVIA™ Vedo S2 16 Zone Hybrid Smart Home Wifi GSM Alarm System





Aluminum doors have many advantages, some of which are listed below:
  • Durability: Aluminum doors are not easily affected by corrosion or decay, so they can be used for a longer time.
  • Easy maintenance: Aluminum doors have a smooth surface that is easy to clean and maintain.
  • Versatile styles: The appearance of aluminum doors can be customized according to different design needs, adapting to different styles and decorations.
  • Good sound and heat insulation: Aluminum doors have good sound and heat insulation performance, which can reduce indoor and outdoor noise and maintain indoor warmth in winter.
  • Environmental friendly: Aluminum doors are recyclable and therefore do not harm the environment.
  • Good safety: Aluminum doors have high strength and anti-theft performance, providing better protection for homes.





Aluminium gates refer to gates that are primarily made of aluminium or have aluminium components. Aluminium is a popular material choice for gates due to its durability, lightweight nature, and resistance to rust and corrosion.
The design of aluminium gates can vary depending on the specific requirements and aesthetic preferences. 

Laser Cut Pattern - D9

Laser Cut Pattern - D8

Laser Cut Pattern - D7

Laser Cut Pattern - D6

  • Various Brands Of Arm Autogate Available In Malaysia
  • Company List Of Install / Supply / Repair Arm Autogate In Malaysia
  • Company List Of Install Supply Various Local OEM Brands Autogate 

Nice Wingo 4024

Swing Arm Gates

Lux Swing Arm Gates

TH 002KS G-Cora 680KS Arm Motor With Key Automation System for Swing & Folding Gate

Artificial Stones / Tiles / Slabs are a type of building material that is artificially manufactured by mixing natural and synthetic materials. They can simulate the appearance and texture of natural materials such as stone, wood, marble, metal, etc., but their material composition can be more precisely controlled to achieve higher quality and consistency. Due to its durability, ease of maintenance and cleaning, environmental friendliness, etc., Artificial Stones / Tiles / Slabs have been widely used in the construction and decoration industry. Additionally, Artificial Stones / Tiles / Slabs also have certain fire and water resistance properties, making them suitable for use in areas that require high levels of safety and durability, such as indoor and outdoor walls, floors, stairs, etc.

Artificial Quartz : Waves

Artificial Quartz : Venice

Artificial Quartz : Venice

Artificial Quartz : Venice

TH 007 Autogate Motor (Arm Motor) For Swing Folding Gate

TH 006 Autogate Stainless Steel Arm For Swing Folding Gate

TH 005 370W AC Sliding Motor Autogate Set

TH 002KS G-Cora 680KS Arm Motor With Key Automation System for Swing & Folding Gate

Baby Fan of various qualities and brands for your reference ....





Bali style water pond decoration is a popular trend in home and garden decor that is inspired by the natural beauty of Bali, an Indonesian island known for its lush tropical landscapes and serene water features. This style typically features a combination of natural elements such as stone, wood, and water, along with traditional Balinese decor elements such as statues, lanterns, and foliage.
Bali style water ponds are often designed to mimic natural streams and waterfalls, creating a tranquil and soothing environment that can serve as a peaceful retreat from the stresses of everyday life. These ponds can be used as a centerpiece in a garden or outdoor space, or as a focal point inside the home, and can be customized to fit any size or style preference.
In addition to their aesthetic appeal, Bali style water ponds can also provide ecological benefits such as supporting a healthy ecosystem by providing a habitat for aquatic plants and animals, and serving as a natural filter for the surrounding water. Overall, Bali style water pond decoration is a beautiful and functional way to enhance the beauty and serenity of any home or garden.

Pond Model : P3L (3)

Pond Model : P3L (2)

Pond Model : P3B

Pond Model : P3B (6)





Various bathroom accessories reference
  • Various bathroom accessories and bathroom supplies reference, 
  • bathroom accessories Product List / Product Catalog
  • Various bathroom accessories and bathroom products displayed by product Code and brands , 
  • Various ceramic bathroom accessories, 
  • Various metal bathroom accessories, 
  • Various glass bathroom accessories, 
  • All kinds of ready-made bathroom furniture, 





Bathroom tiles are slip-resistant, waterproof, easy to clean and maintain, and can provide an attractive appearance and comfortable touch. Bathroom tiles are typically made of ceramic or stone materials, which have excellent waterproofing properties and durability, making them suitable for use in damp bathroom environments. In addition, bathroom floor tiles can be selected in different colors, shapes, textures, and sizes according to different design needs and personal preferences. The choice of bathroom tiles can be made based on personal preferences, style, budget, and usage requirements, to meet the needs of different consumers.

Recommended bathroom floor tiles and bathroom floor tiles series in stock

Kenia White SP141A

Kenia Grey SP141C

Kenia Brown SP141D

Kenia Black SP141E

  • Experience ultimate comfort in your sleep with our bed!
  • From head to toe, it's incredibly comfortable, and you'll wake up feeling energized!
  • This is not just a bed, but your dream resting space.
  • High-quality mattress and sturdy bed frame provide long-term comfort for you.
  • When you wake up, you'll be grateful for choosing our bed.


Modern Bed - Nube

Modern Bed - Max

Modern Bed - Massimo

  • Comfortable and soft sheets for a good night's sleep !
  • Feel the comfort of our high-quality sheets so you can sleep like a dream every night !
  • Add a touch of glam to your bed and decorate your bedroom with our exquisite sheets !
  • Double your sleep quality with our soft and comfortable sheets !
  • Sleep with taste and sleep. We offer a wide selection of sheets in a variety of colours, patterns and textures !





  • Over a thousand blind material, color and pattern options.
  • Comfortable matching of various blinds.
  • Venetian blinds have the function of blocking glare and privacy.

Pattern & Color Samples : RBC451

Pattern & Color Samples : RBC450

Pattern & Color Samples : RBC449

Pattern & Color Samples : RBC448

Carpets have the following benefits:
  • Comfort: The rug provides a soft, comfortable tread, allowing you to walk barefoot around your home with a soft, warm feel.
  • Sound insulation effect: Carpet can reduce the transmission of noise, reduce the reflection of sound, and reduce the noise level in the room.
  • Thermal performance: Carpet can keep indoors warm in winter, reduce floor heat dissipation, and increase indoor temperature.
  • Safety: Carpet can reduce the risk of slipping and falling, especially for the elderly and small children.
  • Aesthetics: Carpet can increase the decorative effect of the room, making the room more layered and comfortable.

Recommended common Carpet tile in stock


Vanity Basin Cabinet - 015

Vanity Basin Cabinet - 014

Vanity Basin Cabinet - 013

  • Various CCTV lens/decoder references in stock in the Malaysian market.
  • CCTV can monitor and record activities and events in and around the home, increasing the safety and security of the home.
  • Remote monitoring can be carried out through mobile phones, computers and other equipment, so that you can keep track of the family situation when you go out.





Roman Column / Roman Pillar Choose & Catalogue commonly Malaysia:
  • Commonly Used Ready-Made Round Column Pillar  Product Menu And Ready-Made Round Column Model Code List
  • Commonly Used  Roman Pillar  Models And Product Catalog
  • Commonly Used Ready-Made Fence Column /  Roman Pillar  Model List

YR 62 - YR 63 - YR 64

YR 61

YR 60

YR 59

Terreal Roof Tile - Moolight Grey [CT.4]

Terreal Roof Tile - Ebony Black [CT.1]

Terreal Roof Tile - Dark Silver [CT.2]

Terreal Roof Tile - Coffee Brown [CT.3]

Rose chair

Nora Chair

Moris Chair

Mera Chair

Chesterfield furniture is a type of furniture with a distinctive deep buttoned, quilted leather upholstery and low seat base. It typically has rolled arms and backrest with the same height, and is often adorned with metal studs on the edges. It originated in the 18th century in England and has become a classic and popular furniture piece known for its elegant and luxurious style.

Jasper Full Set

EM ETSGA282 (1+2+3) Sofa Set

EM ESTS1920 (1+2+3) Sofa Set

EM ESTS1803 (1+2+3) Sofa Set

Epoxy Rock Flake (RF 8801)

Epoxy Rock Flake (RF 13 MILK TEA)

Epoxy Rock Flake (RF 11 LIGHT BLUE)

Epoxy Rock Flake (RF 09 GREEN)

Normal Powder Coating Chart For Malaysia:
  • 11 Common Metal Powder Coating Color Sample & Color Chart
  • Suitable For Iron Grille,Metal Works,Window Grille And Door Grille


Old Age Copper



  • Floor tiles with relatively high artistic value
  • Adding materials to floor tile design
  • Unusual tiles and floor tiles, specially designed tiles and floor tiles





  • Curtain Furnishing, Common Vertical Blind Plain Color Chart , Curtain Cloth Textile Sample ,Curtain Rods,Honeycomb Blind ,Ready-Made Curtain ,Roller Blinds Color Chart....
  • Commonly used window decoration color Chart
  • Catalog of commonly used various types of Window Blinds
  • Commonly used curtain accessories / art curtain rod Catalog 
  • Ready-made curtains and sellers list

  1. Transform your home with our stunning collection of curtains and furnishings. From elegant drapes to stylish throws, we have everything you need to create a cozy and inviting space.
  2. Experience the ultimate in comfort and luxury with our range of premium curtains and furnishings. With exquisite designs and high-quality materials, you'll love spending time in your newly decorated space.
  3. Elevate your home decor with our beautiful curtains and furnishings. From classic and timeless to modern and bold, we have a style to suit every taste and budget.
  4. Add the perfect finishing touch to your home with our range of exquisite curtains and furnishings. With a variety of colors, patterns, and textures to choose from, you'll be able to create a look that's uniquely yours.
  5. Create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your home with our range of curtains and furnishings. Whether you're looking for comfort, style, or both, we have everything you need to make your space feel like home.
  6. Indulge in luxury with our premium range of curtains and furnishings. From sumptuous fabrics to elegant designs, our collection will transform your home into a stylish and sophisticated haven.
  7. Transform any room in your home with our beautiful range of curtains and furnishings. Our expertly crafted pieces will add a touch of elegance and refinement to your space.
  8. Experience the beauty and functionality of our carefully selected curtains and furnishings. With a focus on quality and style, we have everything you need to make your home feel cozy and inviting.





  • Color & Pattern Choose For Curtain Fabric
  • Various Types of Curtain Cloth Curtain Textile & Curtain Fabric Choose
Various Types of Curtain Pattern :
Abstract , Adoration , Animal Prints Curtain , Biarritz Fabric , Boca-Fabric , Butler Fabric , Cameo Fabric , Checked Curtain , Classic Damask Curtain , Curtain Fabric Suitable For Children , Floral Curtain , Geometric Blackout Curtain , Geometry/ Vector Curtain , Graphical Curtain , Herringbone Curtain , Plain Blackout Curtain , Plain Curtain Fabric , Sheer / Lace Curtain , Stripe Curtain , Velvet Curtain , ZIGZAG And etc.





Customize Furniture Laminate Skins Color/Pattern menu most suitable in Malaysia:  
  • Custom furniture skins pattern Menu 
  • Monochrome Custom furniture Color Menu 
  • Leather Style  furniture pattern Menu 
  • Custom furniture wood grain form pattern Menu 

Wyoming Maple 0S1

White Wash OB8

White Malt Oak AK1

Warm Rovere AJ1

  • Various Brands Of Deadbolt Lock / Door Lock / Digital Lock / Smart Lock Available In Malaysia
  • Company List Of Install or Supply or Repair Deadbolt Lock / Door Lock / Digital Lock / Smart Lock In Malaysia

Philips Smart Video Door Lock Alpha-VP

Philips Smart Video Door Lock 702-1HW (Copper)

Philips Smart Video Door Lock 303-VP (Black)

Philips Smart Rim Door Lock 515K (Black)

  • Dine with the family, starting in our dining room.
  • Let the food taste more, let the dining room add warmth to your home.
  • Make the dining room the hub of your home for fine dining and company time.
  • Enrich your life with delicious food and dining room, making your home more warm and comfortable.
  • Let the dining room bring food and happiness to your family.
  • The dining room will create many fond family memories and bring warmth and joy to the home.
  • Enjoy the quality of every family meal.
  • Make your family dining more stylish and comfortable starting with our dining table and chairs.

TL7027P 8 Seater Marble Dining Set

TL7027P 8 Seater Marble Dining Set

RAPIDE 8 Seater Full Solid Dining Set

JARVIS + 1020M 8 Seater Full Solid Dining Set

  • Wooden Door & Door Choose Sample In Malaysia
  • Various brands of wooden doors
  • Company List Of Supply & Install Wooden Door & Door Available In Malaysia

SD 7127

SD 7122

SD 7118

SD 7125

  • Various Brands Of Electrical Hobs / Induction Cooker Available In Malaysia
  • Company List Of Install / Supply / Repair Electrical Hobs / Induction Cooker In Malaysia

SZ-RC330 3 Plate Electric Ceramic MultiCooker

SZ-RC330 3 Plate Electric Ceramic MultiCooker (2)

SZ-RC288i 3 Rings Electric Ceramic MultiCooker

SZ-RC240 4 Plate Electric MultiCooker

  • Various Brands Of Fan & Fan Decoration Available In Malaysia
  • Company List Of Install or Supply or Repair Fan & Fan Decoration In Malaysia





MSR 25- Mild Steel Railing

MSR 24- Mild Steel Railing

MSR 22- Mild Steel Balcony Railing

MSR 21- Mild Steel Balcony Railing

Flooring refers to the material used to cover the floor of a room or space. There are many different types of flooring available, each with its own advantages and disadvantages depending on the intended use, style, and budget.
Some common types of flooring include:
  1. Hardwood - made from natural wood, hardwood floors are durable, attractive, and can last for many years with proper maintenance.
  2. Laminate - made from synthetic materials, laminate flooring is affordable and easy to install, and can mimic the look of more expensive materials like hardwood or stone.
  3. Vinyl - made from synthetic materials, vinyl flooring is durable, easy to clean, and can come in a variety of styles and patterns.
  4. Tile - made from materials like ceramic or stone, tile flooring is durable and can be used in a variety of settings, including bathrooms and kitchens.
  5. Carpet - made from fibers like wool or synthetic materials, carpet is comfortable and adds warmth to a room, but can be difficult to clean and maintain.
When choosing flooring, it's important to consider factors like durability, style, ease of maintenance, and cost. The type of flooring that works best for one person may not be the best choice for someone else, so it's important to weigh the pros and cons of each option and choose the one that best meets your needs.





  • A list of furniture products sold in real furniture shop
  • Furniture factory direct sales or home furnishing manufacturer product list
  • High-quality or brand-name furniture product list
  • Common material or cheap furniture product  list
  • High-grade solid wood furniture/High-grade natural stone furniture/Glass furniture/Artificial stone furniture
Furniture is an integral part of any home or office, providing both comfort and beauty. Choosing the right furniture for your space is important, so find a store that offers a wide selection and high-quality furniture.
Allowing you to create a unique piece of furniture that perfectly suits your personal style and needs. Whether you need a specific size, color or material, our team of experts will work with you to create a piece of furniture that fits your space perfectly.

Sofa - VS355

Sofa - VS353L

Sofa - VS353C

Sofa - VS352L

Woven - GM5-8933 AIDEN PASHLEY




  • Transform your outdoor space with our stunning landscape designs and create a paradise right in your backyard.
  • Experience nature's beauty at its finest with our expertly crafted landscape works.
  • Let us turn your dreams into reality with our custom landscape designs tailored to your unique style and preferences.
  • Enhance the beauty and value of your property with our high-quality landscape works and services.
  • From concept to completion, we provide professional and personalized attention to every detail of your landscape project.
  • Relax and enjoy your outdoor oasis with our low-maintenance and sustainable landscape designs.
  • Make a lasting impression with our eye-catching and unique landscape features and installations.
  • Experience the perfect harmony of function and aesthetics with our innovative landscape designs.
  • Bring your vision to life with our creative and customized landscape works.
  • Let us create a breathtaking outdoor space that you and your loved ones will enjoy for years to come.





  • Various Brands Of Gas Hob & Gas Cooker Available In Malaysia
  • Company List Of Install / Supply / Repair Gas Hob & Gas Cooker In Malaysia

  • Make your cooking experience easier - choose our gas stove, which starts up quickly, is easy to control, and allows you to easily prepare delicious food.
  • Bring more comfort and convenience to your home - choose our gas stove, which offers convenient and fast cooking, as well as energy-saving and environmentally friendly advantages.
  • Efficient cooking, a healthier lifestyle - choose our gas stove, which enables faster and more efficient cooking while preserving the nutrition and flavor of the food.
  • A trustworthy gas stove - our gas stove is made of high-quality materials, ensuring reliable and durable use over the long term.
  • Add style to your kitchen - choose our gas stove, which not only functions well but also has a beautiful appearance, adding a touch of style and elegance to your kitchen.

Single 4 Crown Wok Burner ACM 435 IX F G




When referring to a ''gate model,'' it typically pertains to a specific design or model of a gate. Gates come in various styles, materials, and configurations, each with its own unique features and characteristics. 

Trackless System Main Gate

Trackless System Main Gate

Trackless System Main Gate

Trackless System Main Gate

  • To create the beauty of nature, choose natural stone.
  • Use natural stone to create your own unique space.
  • The timeless beauty of natural stone never goes out of style.
  • Beauty comes from nature, and natural stone presents real beauty.
  • Decorate your home with natural stone to bring nature, comfort and nobility.
  • Natural stone, make your home more healthy, environmentally friendly and durable.
  • Decorate your home with natural stone to create a unique sense of beauty and quality.
  • Natural stone allows your home to coexist harmoniously with nature.
  • Natural stone, bringing comfortable touch and strong visual impact.
  • Choose natural stone, embellish your life with the beauty of nature, and make your home more warm and beautiful.

Natural Granite : Star Beach

Natural Granite : Splendor White

Natural Granite : Splendor Gold

Natural Granite : Sorella

GM3-8390 Cappucci Stone

GM3-8210 Statuario Vento

GM3-8827 Lotana

GM3-8133 lravertin

Malaysia commonly used building Hollow Glass Blocks list & Product Menu

Wave 95002 19x19x9.5cm

Vesta 95009 19x19x9.5cm

Quadra 95001 19x19x9.5cm

Ocean View 95005 19x19x9.5cm

There are several popular air conditioning brands available in Malaysia that offer a range of options for residential cooling needs. Here are some well-known air conditioning brands in Malaysia:

Panasonic X-Premium Inverter R323 XU Series

Panasonic X-Premium Inverter R32 XU Series (XKH-1)

Panasonic X-Deluxe Inverter R32 XPU Series

Panasonic Standard Inverter R32 PU Series

  • List of Cooker products: Cooker Hob,Cooker Hood , mircowave ,oven,stove
  • Sinks Types And Different Materials:Granite Sinks , Nano Sinks, Stainless Steel Sinks,
  • Table Top Materials / Ready Made Kitchen Cabinet

  • Enhance Your Culinary Experience with Stylish Kitchen Accessories!
  • Create a Kitchen that Reflects Your Personality with Unique Accessories!
  • Cooking Made Easy and Fun with Cutting-edge Kitchen Accessories!









Wall Unit 001

Wall Unit 002

Wall Unit 003

Wall Unit 004

Artificial Stone Table Top : Zebrano White

Artificial Stone Table Top : Zebrano Rustic

Artificial Stone Table Top : Zebrano Gold

Artificial Stone Table Top : Zebrano Cream

Kitchen hoods remove smoke, steam, and cooking odors from the air ....





VATTI Z4501 Built-in Steam Oven 42L

VATTI VA04 Combi Steam Oven 70L

VATTI VA03 Combi Steam Oven 50L

VATTI VA01 Combi Steam Oven 25L





法国流金 (3) KPG1890243




Recommended Kitchen tiles and Kitchen tiles series in stock





Limestone is a natural stone that is known for its unique texture, durability, and aesthetic appeal. 

Limestone Model : Toques Grey

Limestone Model : Mosel Grey

Limestone Model : Lagos Blue

Limestone Model : Jurastone Grey

Sofa - ZL2150 CRISSIER

Sofa - ZL 28112 GLAMC

Sofa - ZL 21863 SONNEIKO

Sofa - ZL 21863 SONNEIKO





Metal / zink Roofing Material Color Reference & Choose  In Malaysia :









Natural Scenery Mural Wallpaper : Pasture

Natural Scenery Mural Wallpaper : Lake

Natural Scenery Mural Wallpaper : Farm Dirt Road

Natural Scenery Mural Wallpaper : Yellow Flowerbed & Rainbow

Natural Limestone : Simena

Natural Limestone : Simena

Natural Limestone : Petite Granite

Natural Limestone : Massangis Juane Claire

Onyx Slab : Tiger Stripes

Onyx Slab : Tiger Stripes

Onyx Slab : Orange

Onyx Slab : Orange

Tiger Brand Cold Galvalnised

Tiger Brand Aluminium Paint

Nippon Paint Zinc Phosphate Primer

Nippon Paint Roadline Paint (Reflective)

Piant Types Reference In Malaysia:





Gypsum ceiling (Plaster Ceiling) material supplier standard model and pattern catalog in Malaysia
  • Standard Center Rose Samples & Code
  • Common Cornices and Cornice Corners  & Code
  • Plaster Ceiling Parts & Basin Materials Menu
  • Sample & Menu For Beading, Box-Slap / Conner , Corbels , Ceiling Step, Dome And etc...

Wall Panel : WWP18

Wall Panel : WP25(S) CWP25(S)

Wall Panel : WP25 CWP25

Wall Panel : WP24 CWP24

Quartz Stone - ZQ535 - Dark Peidra

Quartz Stone - ZQ534 - Noble Black

Quartz Stone - ZQ532 - Spring Mist

Quartz Stone - ZQ502 - Desert Beige

Ready Made Curtain - YK044

Ready Made Curtain - YK043

Ready Made Curtain - YK042

Ready Made Curtain - YK041

The following Are List of Ready-Made Aluminium Door available in Malaysia, And folllow standard models code in the market ...

Sliding Aluminium Door - W2001 0423

Sliding Aluminium Door - W2001 0371

Sliding Aluminium Door - W2001 0370

Sliding Aluminium Door - W2001 0369

MK 95 Clear Plane

MK 93 Green Plane

MK 92 Blue Plane

MK 91 Brown Plane

Super Roof Tile - Flat Terracotta

Super Roof Tile - Flat Grey

Super Roof Tile - Flat Brown

Roof Tile - Flat Black

  • Various sizes of security door models list
  • Security door models of various materials menu
    • Alloy
    • Stainless steel
    • Mild Steel
  • Model And Size Menu Of Unequal Double Security Door & Double Wing Security Door
  • Wood Glass Doors Menu

QSL1-794 (Single)

QSL1-793-HP (Single)

QSL1-793 (Single)

QSL1-792Z (Single)

P1-T924 (White)

P1-T878 (White)

P1-T868 (White)

P1-T848 (White)

Shoe Case Model : SHA 1844

Shoe Case Model : ACP 109 + Ventilator NA

Shoe Case Model : 9826 + Ventilator Black

Shoe Case Model : 9821 + Ventilator Black

  • Various Brands Of Sliding Autogate Available In Malaysia
  • Company List Of Install / Supply / Repair Sliding Autogate In Malaysia
  • Company List Of Install Supply Various Local OEM Brands Autogate 

Bencore DKC 360Y

Nice Run 1500A

Nice Robus 600

Nice Robus 400 & 600 & 1000

The design and material of the sofa are very diverse, and different styles, colors and materials can be selected to suit different personal preferences and home styles. For example, a leather sofa is suitable for a classic or luxurious style, while a fabric sofa is more suitable for a comfortable and casual atmosphere. In addition, you can also choose a multi-functional sofa such as a sofa bed or a recliner to suit different usage needs.

Tofu Sofa

Tofu Modular Sofa

Telly Sofa

Tellio Sofa

Wooden doors are a very popular type of door and come in many different styles to suit different home decors and personal tastes. Here are some common wood door styles:
  • Modern wooden doors: Modern wooden doors usually adopt simple lines and geometric shapes, and are characterized by simplicity, cleanliness, brightness and a sense of space. Common modern wooden door designs include hanging type, casement type and push-pull type.
  • Classical wooden doors: Classical wooden doors usually use traditional decorative elements, such as carvings, arches, patterns, etc., to create a strong cultural and historical atmosphere. Common classical wooden door designs include bowed doors, arched doors, and patterned doors.
  • European-style wooden doors: European-style wooden doors usually use gorgeous decorative elements, such as classical carvings, ornate patterns and arched designs, to create an elegant, luxurious and luxurious atmosphere. Common European-style wooden door designs include carved doors, arched doors, and painted doors.
  • Countryside wooden doors: Countryside wooden doors usually use natural materials and simple design elements to create a comfortable, warm and natural atmosphere. Common pastoral wooden door designs include plain wooden doors, vintage wooden doors, and Mediterranean wooden doors.
  • Simple wooden doors: Simple wooden doors usually use simple design elements, such as straight lines, squares and simple materials, to create a simple, modern and practical atmosphere. Common minimalist wood door designs include slab doors, side-by-side doors, and hanging doors, among others.
  • In short, choosing a wooden door style that suits your home decoration style and personal taste can make your home space more comfortable, beautiful and personalized.
3D HDF Flush Doors , Bedroom Door,Solid Main Door , Venner Solid Door, Double Wing Door ,unequal double door..





Teak Staircase 15

Teak Staircase 14

Teak Staircase 13

Teak Staircase 12

A complete collection of all kinds of stone art samples commonly used in Malaysia
  • Various Stone Art Or Natural Stone Products Show By Products Model Or Products Codes Each.....
  • ​Included:Brick Series, Cladding Stone , Granite Tile , Japanese Stone Lamp, Marble Tile, Natural Stone, Net Paste, Onyx , Pebble Stone Sample, Quartz Stone , Random Stone , Solid Surface - Kitchen Table Top, Stone Series, Terrazzo , Travertine, TROWEL STONE, Waterfall Stone,
  • Products for sale from a number of trusted stone art wholesalers or manufacturers





Common natural stone patterns and names in the Malaysia stone market
  • Common & standard kitchen closet table top/dining table table top/all kinds of table top natural stone materials
  • Common & standard natural stone flooring material
  • Including: Limestone, Travertino, Marble, Onyx, QUARTZ...

Terrazzo Venezia

Terrazzo Grigio







WS1610-9(KD) (4'ft) Walnut Wall Shelf

VARIO MX303 (4'ft) 3-Tiers Cedar Book Rack

VARIO MX301 (4'ft) 2-Tiers Cedar Wall-Mounted Rack

VARIO 113 (4'ft) Wall Shelf

  • Various Brands Of Table Gas Hobs Available In Malaysia
  • Company List Of Install or Supply or Repair Table Gas Hobs In Malaysia





Floor tiles are one of the most common materials used in home decoration and come in many different types, styles and uses. Here are some frequently asked questions about floor tiles and their answers:
1. What types of floor tiles are there?
There are many types of floor tiles, common ones are ceramic tiles, ceramic tiles, marble tiles, granite tiles, terrazzo tiles, wood grain tiles, etc.
2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of floor tiles?
The advantages of floor tiles include moisture-proof, non-slip, easy to clean, wear-resistant, stain-resistant, and various colors; the disadvantages include not keeping warm, easy to cold, high hardness, and long construction period.
3. How to choose the right floor tiles?
There are many factors to consider when choosing floor tiles, such as home style, purpose, space size, budget, etc. In addition, factors such as the wear resistance, slip resistance, color and texture of the floor tiles need to be considered.
In short, choosing the right floor tiles, cleaning and laying them in the correct way can make the home space more beautiful, practical and durable.

GLL66N02 Rust

GLL66N01 Smoke

EVA66N04 Ash

EVA66N02 Rust





Travertine Slab : Valensia Gold

Travertine Slab : Valensia Gold

Travertine Slab : Valensia Gold

Travertine Slab : Valensia Gold

  • Various Brands Of Underground Autogate Available In Malaysia
  • Company List Of Install / Supply / Repair Underground Autogate In Malaysia
  • Company List Of Install Supply Various Local OEM Brands Autogate 

DOORMEX Underground Auto Gates

Specially recommended Venetian plaster walls:

V82 Seaweed Green


V66 Grey Blue

V65 Stone

  • Various Brands Of Ventilation Fan / Exhaust Fan Available In Malaysia
  • Company List Of Install / Supply / Repair Ventilation Fan / Exhaust Fan In Malaysia

UMS 30-WF 12” Wall Exhaust Fan (White)

UMS 25-CF (10) Ceiling Exhaust Fan

UMS 20, 25, 30-WF 8, 10, 12” Wall Exhaust Fan (White)

Panasonic FV-30AUM 12 Wall Exhaust Fan (White)

  • Various Brands Of Wall Arm Autogate Available In Malaysia
  • Company List Of Install / Supply / RepairWall Arm Autogate In Malaysia
  • Company List Of Install Supply Various Local OEM Brands Autogate 

Dnor Autogate Turbo 880 Automation for Swing & Folding Gate

TH 001 Autogate System for Swing & Folding Gate Solar Autogate Motor

Gmatic Pro Autogate Motor With Auto-Lock (Optional) for Swing & Folding Gate

AutoGate DCMoto GFM925W Hybrid Auto Gate with External Auto Lock-Optional (For Swing Folding Gate)

AR-3002 (GROUTING GM-16)

AR-3002 (GROUTING GM-12)

AR-3002 (GROUTING GM-11)

AR-3002 (GROUTING GM-01)

Acrylic Clock - 028

Acrylic Clock - 027

Acrylic Clock - 026

Acrylic Clock - 025

FP1010 Carrara

FP1009 Milky White

FP1008 Mouse Grey

FP1007 Metal Black

Wallpaper Design & Choose Reference In Malaysia:

Stone & Natural GN-ST-N-85092-3

Stone & Natural GN-ST-N-85092-1

Stone & Natural GN-ST-N-85091-3

Stone & Natural GN-ST-N-85091-2

White Color Wallpaper - 52028

White Color Wallpaper - 52022

White Color Wallpaper - 28055

White Color Wallpaper - 26896

  • Product menus of various brands of bathroom water heater models / code available in Malaysian bathroom shops
  • Brands:Alpha ,Deka,ELTON ,Midea,Milux,Rubine ,Sharp





Basin Tap - TBM-075L-MB

Basin Tap - TBM-075-BN

Basin Tap - TAC-075-ZG

Basin Tap - TAC-075L-ZG

Window grills come in various designs and materials, including steel, wrought iron, aluminum, and even decorative options. They can be customized to match the architectural style of a building or the preferences of the homeowner.

Stainless Steel Door Grill - Code: PNL 012

Stainless Steel Door Grill - Code: PNL 011

Stainless Steel Door Grill - Code: PNL 010

Stainless Steel Door Grill - Code: PNL 009

  1. Heat reduction
  2. UV radiation protection
  3. Glare reduction
  4. Privacy and security
  5. Save energy 

Nano Ceramic IR Film IR 7090

Nano Ceramic IR Film IR 5090 (Black)

Nano Ceramic IR Film IR 3090

Nano Ceramic IR Film IR 2090

VINTEC Wine Chiller Storage Cabinets VWM198SBA (Free StandingSlot-in)

VINTEC 50-Bottle Single Zone Cellaring & Serving Wine Chiller Cabinet with Aluminium Glass Frame VWS050SAA-X

VINTEC 50-Bottle Dual Zone Cellaring & Serving Wine Cabinet with Black Borderless Glass Frame VWD050SBA-X

VINTEC 35-bottle Single Zone Freestanding Wine Chiller Cabinet with Borderless Black Glass

Solid Wood

Solid Wood



  • Bring nature and warmth into your home with wooden shutters.
  • Simple yet elegant, wood shutters add charm to your home.
  • Bringing out the beauty of nature, wood shutters bring a fresh feel to your home.
  • Let sunlight and the beauty of nature flow into your home with wooden shutters.
  • Uniquely grained and all-natural, wood shutters add style to your home.
  • Choose wooden shutters to create a natural, comfortable and warm home environment.
  • A timeless classic, wood shutters personalize the style of your home.
  • Create your private world with wooden shutters.
  • Taking inspiration from nature, wood shutters bring life and beauty to your home.

Wooden Blinds Color : Lath 31151

Wooden Blinds Color : Lath 31150

Wooden Blinds Color : Lath 31149

Wooden Blinds Color : Lath 31148

Wrought Iron Main Door Standard Design Refer Sample2020

Wrought Iron Main Door Standard Design Refer Sample2020

Wrought Iron Main Door Standard Design Refer Sample2020

Wrought Iron Main Door Standard Design Refer Sample2020

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