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Lipo Spray Coating Services

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Lipo Spray Coating Services 柔佛再也 柔佛 州属

Lipo Spray Coating Services is established in 1990, as a leading supplier & contractor for Painting Building. We have over 30 years of experience & a group of highly qualified professional and experienced engineers.
We specialize in Wall Spray Coating:-
Colourflek Multicoloured, Special Effect, Stucco, Aretino, Marblelite, Marmorino, Caprice, Sand Plaster, Marbletile, Rocks-tone, Eleganstone, Elegance Tile, Granipastel, Bell-Art, Stony & Cerami Coat, Magic Granite, Trowel Stone.
Our ranges of quality finishing products supplied to the general construction industry in Malaysia are distinguished by their environmentally friendly approach and high quality. They include Painting, Roof Coating, Floor Coating & Skim Coat.


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