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Artificial Stones / Tiles / Slabs

Artificial Stones / Tiles / Slabs are a type of building material that is artificially manufactured by mixing natural and synthetic materials. They can simulate the appearance and texture of natural materials such as stone, wood, marble, metal, etc., but their material composition can be more precisely controlled to achieve higher quality and consistency. Due to its durability, ease of maintenance and cleaning, environmental friendliness, etc., Artificial Stones / Tiles / Slabs have been widely used in the construction and decoration industry. Additionally, Artificial Stones / Tiles / Slabs also have certain fire and water resistance properties, making them suitable for use in areas that require high levels of safety and durability, such as indoor and outdoor walls, floors, stairs, etc.
Artificial Marble 11 products
Artificial Quartz 54 products
Artificial Stones 244 products
Engineered Quartz 56 products
Imitation Stone 90 products

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